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Kyotanabe Campus

Offering an ideal learning environment, which engenders the feeling of Doshisha’s new beginning

Learned Memorial Library
This campus was established in Kyotanabe (southern Kyoto Prefecture) in 1986.
On the vast campus, whichi covers 790,000 square meters, are modern school buildings equipped with advanced experimental and educational facilities. Their exterior walls are uniformly covered with brick tiles, which enable them to exist in harmony with the beautiful surrounding scenery. The campus houses the Learned Memorial Library incorporating a multi-media library, as well as a building for the Faculty of Science and Engineering equipped with experimental facilities which are still rare in Japan, such as an NMR room, a clearn room and an anechoic room.
In addition, the Doshisha Rohm Plaza and the Information and Media Building were opend in October, 2003 on the same campus. About 9,000 students are now studying on this campus.

1-3 Tatara Miyakodani, Kyotanabe-shi, Kyoto-fu 610-0394
Telephone : +81-774-65-7010 (Section for General Affairs, Kyotanabe Campus)
Access to the Kyotanabe Campus
Neesima Memorial Auditorium

Neesima Memorial Auditorium

Rohm Memorial Hall

Doshisha Rohm Plaza

Campus map

Campus map