How to Pay Student Fees

As the following is part of the section concerning the Admission Procedure, please re-confirm the documents attached to the acceptance letter.

Payment of Student Fees

Documents necessary for the admission procedure, including the acceptance letter, will be sent to newly enrolled students. Please follow the procedure according to the instructions.
Students Fees are as follows:

Master’s Program
Doctoral Program
Integrated Master’s and Doctoral Program
Professional Degree Program

For successful applicants, please pay the Student Fees through a financial institution by the designated payment due date (Please confirm the acceptance letter). In case the admission procedure is not completed by the due date, admission will not be granted.

Among the successful applicants to the Graduate School of Brain Science (including Third- Year Transfer Students), those who are eligible for the pre-admission scholarship must follow a different admission procedure in accordance with the instruction described in the document attached to the acceptance letter.
Payment after the designated payment due date is not accepted under any circumstances.
Please allow enough time between your payment and the due date.