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Special Students (Entrance Examination for International Students)

Student Fees for Students admitted in 2017-18

(Unit : Yen)
 Total Payment (First Year)Fees required at the time of the admission procedureAdmission FeeTuition Fee (annual)Tuition Fee per Credit(when exceeding 20 credits)
Theology, Letters, Social Studies, Law, Economics, Commerce, Policy & Management, Global Studies530,000290,00050,000480,00024,000
Culture & Information Science, Health & Sports Science550,000300,00050,000500,00025,000
Science & Engineering, Life & Medical Sciences690,000370,00050,000640,00032,000

The Admission Fee is collected in the initial year only.
One half of the Tuition Fee is collected in the Spring Semester and the other half in the Fall Semester.
In the case where the enrollment period in a year is less than seven months, the annual Tuition Fee is reduced by half.
In the case where a student registers for over 20 credits in a year (10 credits if the enrollment period is less than seven months), the Tuition Fee per Credit is collected for the exceeding credits.

Regular Students and Special Students

International students at Doshisha University are divided into regular students and special students.

Regular Students
Students who enter the university with the objective of enrolling in prescribed programs to graduate from the graduate school

Special Students
Students who either enroll in or audit particular courses in the graduate programs, or those who seek a professor for directed research in a doctoral program.

In principle, students are admitted in April.
Those enrolled in the Graduate School of Culture and Information Science (Master’s, Doctoral), the Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Doctoral), the Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences (Master’s, Doctoral), and the Graduate School of Global Studies (Doctoral) are, in principle, admitted either in April or October.
In principle, the enrollment period is one year.
In principle, students may register for up to 20 credits in a year. Students are able to deepen their specialized area under the guidance of a particular academic adviser selected from among faculty members.
Some credits earned as a special student may be treated as regular course credits required for graduation.
In the case where a student passes the examination of the registered course, the Certificate of Course Completion can be issued.

In the case where a students who has completed the undergraduate program at Doshisha University fails the general entrance examination for international students to become a regular student, he/she may be admitted as a special student if he/she wishes to in some cases (except for the Graduate School of Commerce, Graduate School of Policy and Management, Graduate School of Brain Science, Graduate School of Law and the Graduate School of Business (Major of Business).
In addition, students who apply for admission based on selection criteria other than those described in the Entrance Examination Guide may be treated differently from above. For more information, please see the Entrance Examination Guide (Other Points to Note).
Unless otherwise specified, the qualifications for admission, application deadlines, application procedure, selection method, and admission procedure apply equally to regular and special students.