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Student Fees (University Fees, Other Fees) and Payment

Student Fees for Undergraduate First-Year Students

Student Fees for Students admitted in 2020

 Total for the Initial YearInitial Registration FeeUniversity Fees (annual)Other Fees
Admission FeeTuitionFacilities FeeLaboratory FeeAcademic Association FeeParent-Teacher Association Fee
Theology1,222,000711,000200,000870,000149,000 3,000 
English1,228,000714,000200,000870,000149,000 5,0004,000
Philosophy, Aesthetics & Art Theory, Cultural History1,227,000713,500200,000870,000149,000 4,0004,000
Japanese Literature1,229,000714,5000200,000870,000149,000 ※6,0004,000
Social Studies1,228,000714,000200,000870,000149,000 5,0004,000
Law1,227,000713,500200,000870,000149,000 8,000 
Economics1,228,000714,250200,000870,000149,000 4,5005,000
Commerce1,229,000714,500200,000870,000149,000 5,0005,000
Policy Studies1,226,000713,000200,000870,000149,000 7,000 
Culture & Information Science1,317,000758,500200,000925,000160,00030,0002,000 
Science and Engineering
Mathematical Sciences1,678,000939,000200,0001,231,000225,00020,0002,000 
Life & Medical Sciences1,743,000971,500200,0001,231,000225,00078,0002,0007,000
Health & Sports Science1,343,000771,500200,000925,000160,00050,0003,0005,000
Global Communications1,346,000773,000200,000973,000168,000 5,000 
Global & Regional Studies1,224,000712,000200,000870,000149,000 5,000 

  1. The Admission Fee is collected in the initial year only.
  2. One half of the Tuition, Facilities, and Laboratory Fees is collected in the Spring Semester and the other half in the Fall Semester.
  3. Initial Registration Fee: the Admission Fee in full, and one half each of the Tuition, Facilities, Laboratory and Other Fees.
    *The Academic Association Fee for the students enrolled in the Department of Japanese Literature (Faculty of Letters) comprises the Cultural Studies Society Fee (4,000 yen) and the Japanese Literature Society Fee (2,000 yen).
    *Academic Association:Each academic association is established to contribute to the University's education and research through activities such as issuing their journals.
    *Parent-Teacher Association:Each parent association is established to enhance and develop Doshisha University's education.
  4. Student Fees in the Second Year and above are as follows:

(Unit: Yen)
 TuitionFacilities FeeLaboratory Fee
Theology, Letters, Social Studies, Law, Economics, Commerce, Policy Studies, Global & Regional Studies Second Year895,000157,000 
Third Year900,000165,000 
Fourth Year905,000173,000 
Culture & Information ScienceSecond Year952,000169,00030,000
Third Year959,000178,00030,000
Fourth Year966,000187,00070,000
Science & Engineering (except for the Department of Mathematical Sciences), Life & Medical SciencesSecond Year1,266,000237,000109,000
Third Year1,281,000249,000140,000
Fourth Year1,296,000261,000140,000
Department of Mathematical Sciences(Faculty of Science & Engineering)Second Year1,266,000237,00020,000
Third Year1,281,000249,00030,000
Fourth Year1,296,000261,00090,000
Health & Sports ScienceSecond Year952,000169,00080,000
Third Year959,000178,000100,000
Fourth Year966,000187,000100,000
PsychologySecond Year1,001,000177,00030,000
Third Year1,009,000186,00055,000
Fourth Year1,017,000195,00090,000
Global CommunicationsSecond Year1,001,000177,000 
Third Year1,009,000186,000 
Fourth Year1,017,000195,000 

The Academic Association Fee (same amount as in the first year) is collected each year.
For students enrolled in the Faculties of Letters, Social Studies, Economics, Commerce, Life and Medical Sciences, Health and Sports Science, and Psychology, the Parent-Teacher Association Fee (same amount as in the first year) is collected each year.
In the fourth year, the Alumni Association Fee is collected from all students, and the Faculty Graduates Association Fee is collected from the students enrolled in the Faculties of Law, Economics, Commerce, Science and Engineering, and Psychology.
The students enrolled in the Faculty of Global Communications need to pay the costs regarding the study abroad program in addition to the above-mentioned fees. Detailed information can be obtained from the website of the Faculty of Global Communications.