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Certificate Application for alumni

*Currently, the Certificate Issuing Machine are available as usual

  • If you wish to send it by post, please contact the office of Faculty/Graduate school you graduated from.


Issuance of Graduation Certificate, Certificate of Degree Master’s/Doctoral Conferment, and Official Transcript

Certificate, Certificate of Degree Master’s/Doctoral Conferment, and Official Transcript will be issued at the office of the faculty/graduate school which you graduated from (Hereinafter referred to as the Office).

Issuing Fee

Japanese certificate: 300 yen per 1 copy English certificate: 500 yen per 1 copy

How to Apply

<Certificates via Online Application System>

The following banner is a link that will take you to an application form.
Online Application System

※This service will be unavailable from 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM on Monday, February 15, 2021 due to system maintenance
*Please note that this service is available only to graduates.

We have started accepting online applications for certificates as of March, 2020.
・There will be a 400 yen (system usage fee) charged in addition to the issuing fee (Japanese certificate
 costs 300 yen per 1 copy/English certificate costs 500 yen per 1 copy) and the shipping fee.
・Your own or a family credit card (JCB, VISA, Master Card, American Express) is required.
・A copy of your identification document (see *1 below) is required to be uploaded.
・Once payment for the issuing fee, the shipping fee (including express mail fee), and the system usage
 fee have been made, these fees will not be refunded for whatever reason you may have. If you have
 any questions, please consult with the office of the faculty /graduate school which you graduated from.
・Receipts will not be issued.

*1: Acceptable forms of identification include Student ID Card, Driver’s license, Passport, Health Insurance Card(Masking of symbols and numbers of the insured), Residence Card, “My Number Card” (The front side with photo/The notification card is not acceptable)

<By Postal Mail>

Please fill out the prescribed Application Form enclosed with the issuing fee and a self-addressed stamped return envelope, and send it to the Office.

① Application Form
   Application Form(Japanese)[PDF 104KB]
   Application Form(English)[PDF 102KB]
If you have problems with downloading or printing out the form, enclose an alternative document including the following information.

  1. The faculty and the department/the graduate school and the major
  2. Your student ID (if you can recall)
  3. Name and furigana
  4. Sex
  5. Date of birth
  6. Current address and phone number (which the student can answer during the day time)
  7. The name and the number of certificate(s) you would like to apply for
  8. Reason to apply (e.g. apply for a qualification test, visa application, etc.)

② The Issuing Fee
In principle, enclose the exact amount of the issuing fee by Postal Money Order. Stamps are acceptable if they are necessary in unavoidable situations.Please make sure that the amount is not too much or too little. (Change will not be returned.)

③ Stamped return envelope
In principle, certificates will only be sent to the applicant’s current address.
Depending on the number of certificates you apply for, additional stamps may be required for return. If you would like the return envelope sealed, additional stamps will be required from the second certificate. Make sure you send the exact amount of stamps.

④ Copy of Identification Document
【*Either one of the following identification documents】
 ・Driver’s license (including the copy of back)  ・Passport
 ・Special permanent resident certificate     ・Residence card
 ・My Number Card
Health insurance card(Masking of symbols and numbers of the insured) is acceptable only if you do not have any one of the above.

<Mailing Address> 
Please send the envelope to the Office.
Writing full address is not necessary. The Postal code only is enough.

Theology, Letters, Social Studies, Law, Economics, Commerce, Policy Studies, Global and Regional Studies, Policy and Management, Global Studies, Law School, and Business School
Faculty/Graduate School of _, Doshisha University

Culture and Information Science, and Science and Engineering, and Brain Science
Faculty/Graduate School of _, Doshisha University

Life and Medical Science, Health and Sports Science, Psychology (*1), and Global Communication
Faculty/Graduate School of _, the Center for Academic Affairs, Kyotanabe Campus, Doshisha University

*1: For graduates of the Department of Psychology, the Faculty of Letters (including graduate school), please send the envelope to the office of the faculty/graduate school of Letters. If you have any inquiries, please consult with the Office.

<In Person>

All offices are closed from April 13th to May 11th due to the restricted entry period. Please use either the Certificate Online Application System or Postal mail.

Please visit the Office within the office hours and apply for certificate(s) in person by presenting your identification document (please see “4. Copy of Identification Document”). The issuance fee shall be paid to the Certificate Issuing Machine by cash.

Notes on Certificate Issuance

  • Please be aware that we will not be able to issue certificates if there are complete payment has not been made or if there are any missing or incomplete documents.
  • Certificates will be issued under the name you registered during enrollment.
  • Application via phone call, fax, or email is not accepted.
  • Application will not be sent via email attachment or fax.
  • Payment by revenue stamps, bank transfer, or credit card is not accepted.
  • For proxy application, please see here.

It may take 4 to 7 working days to issue certificates after receiving the application form. It might take even longer if it arrives before the Golden Week holiday, the summer holiday and the New Year’s holiday, so please make sure to allow ample time to apply.

If there are any extenuating circumstances, please consult with the Officein advance.


  • Personal information written on the Application Form and on identification documents will only be used within the necessary range for the procedure of certificate issuance.
  • Submitted application forms and identification documents will not be returned. The University will manage such documents adequately and will dispose of them after a certain period of time.

For inquiry, please contact :

Please consult with the Office.

Contact list