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Rules on the Appointment of an Administrator of Personal Information Management

Issued on April 1, 2005
Revised on March 12, 2015


Article 1 :
In accordance with Article 5 of the Regulations Concerning the Protection of Personal Information at Doshisha University (hereinafter ‘Regulations’), stipulated by Doshisha University Board of Trustees on March 26, 2005, specific operation rules regarding the appointment of an administrator of personal information management are defined as follows :

(Administrator of Personal Information Management)

Article 2 :
  1. In order to protect personal information at Doshisha University (hereinafter ‘University’) with the utmost security, the University assigns an administrator to be responsible for the management of personal information (hereinafter ‘Administrator’) in each department, division, section, center and organization, etc. which owns personal information.
  2. The top position of each unit, such as the director or head, is appointed as the Administrator

Article 3 :
  1. The Administrator shall properly handle issues regarding the collection, storage and management of personal information within the scope of the authorized work, as well as requests from individuals for the disclosure, correction and deletion of their personal information, in accordance with stipulations of relevant laws and regulations.
  2. In addition to complying with relevant laws and regulations, the Administrator may establish appropriate procedures concerning the collection, utilization and management of personal data stored at each unit.

(Duty to report)

Article 4 :
If, by any chance, an incident such as leakage, loss or falsification of personal information should occur, the Administrator shall immediately report to the president of the University.

(Revision or abolition)

Article 5 :
The revision or abolition of these rules shall be decided by the President through the deliberation of the Personal Information Protection Committee and Directors Meeting.

Supplementary Article :

Regulations shall be enforced on April 1, 2015.