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Base for Advanced Education and Research

Achieving excellence in graduate education through development and implementation of advanced interdisciplinary programs conducted common to graduate schools

The Institute of Higher Education is an organization that works across the graduate schools, aims at promoting enhanced, interdisciplinary and globalized graduate education by sharing Doshisha’s distinctive and advanced research achievements. The Institute makes full use of the research results of the Base for Advanced Research and Education, and the Research Centers in Doshisha’s Graduate Education Programs. Both the Base projects and the Centers have been promoting outstanding research projects: among them MEXT’s support projects - the 21st Century Center of Excellence Program (21st Century COE Program), and the Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities. In 2012, Doshisha’s Global Resource Management (GRM) Program was selected for MEXT’s Program for Leading Graduate Schools as a project that provides a world’s first-class graduate education. The Institute of Higher Education promotes projects strives through the GRM Program.to foster doctoral students with practical knowledge across the humanities and sciences who play active roles in various sectors of the global community.

For further information on the GRM Program, please visit the website Global Resource Management .

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