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Degree and Credit

Domestic Exchange / Credit Exchange Program

Credit Exchange Program
[A program that transcends the boundaries of the university and makes possible various credit exchanges with other universities]

Doshisha University actively promotes broadening of the range of studies through not only study programs at universities overseas, but also through credit exchanges with other universities in Japan. In an era that is seeing the domain of academics become increasingly more interdisciplinary, the new program of credit exchange, which transcends the boundaries of the university, has proven to be a great success.

Credit Exchange with Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
A credit exchange program was started with Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, which is located adjacent to Doshisha University, in the 1997 academic year. Students of the Women's College can take classes at Doshisha University, and Doshisha University students can attend classes offered at the Women's College in literature and music, as well as classes related to human life sciences.

Credit Exchange with Kyoto Institute of Technology
Credit exchange between Doshisha's Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and Kyoto Institute of Technology was introduced in the 1999 academic year. This program has made it possible for Doshisha students to study various subjects, such as those related to industrial arts and design, which are not offered at Doshisha. Moreover, for students of the Faculty of Engineering or Graduate School of Science and Engineering, a certain number of credits earned at Kyoto Institute of Technology can be applied to the credit requirements for graduation or completion of a program.

Credit Exchange within the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto, and Internships
The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto is comprised of forty-six colleges and universities situated in and around Kyoto, including private universities, junior colleges, and national and public universities. The credit exchange program allows students to take classes provided at other universities in the Consortium and have them count towards credit at their own university. Furthermore, starting in the 1998 academic year, Doshisha has been offering students a chance to gain real-life work experience away from the university campus by taking an internship at such places as a private company or a local government. The internship program offers a wide variety of distinctive courses, including the Business Course, Public Course, and Long-term Project-type Course.

Examples of Subjects that are included in the credit exchange program in the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto (2008 Academic Year)
Name of SubjectOffering UniversitySite
Theory of Food CoordinationKyoto Women’s UniversityUniversity campus where subject is offered
Understanding the Earth’s Different Cultures
(Exploring Mediterranean culture from its food)
Kyoto University of Foreign StudiesCampus Plaza Kyoto
Ikebana and Modern Living IIkenobo Junior CollegeCollege campus where subject is offered
Chanoyu and Traditional Culture IIkenobo Junior CollegeCollege campus where subject is offered
Practical Universal DesignsKyoto Institute of TechnologyCampus Plaza Kyoto
Theory of Media ArtsKyoto Saga University of ArtsUniversity campus where subject is offered
Structure and Mechanism of the Human Body – Introduction to AnatomyKyoto Prefectural University of MedicineUniversity campus where subject is offered
Distinctive Specialized Lecture ISD “NHK Lectures – Frontiers of TV Media”Ritsumeikan UniversityCampus Plaza Kyoto
Life and Thoughts of Honen – Religion and Modern SocietyBukkyo UniversityCampus Plaza Kyoto
Tantric Meditation AShuchiin UniversityUniversity campus where subject is offered

Domestic Exchange Program
[Based on an agreement with Waseda University, students are dispatched or received for one year]

Student Exchange Program with Waseda University
Since the 1997 academic year, Doshisha and Waseda University have been exchanging students through a "Domestic Exchange" agreement concluded between the two universities. In this program, students from Doshisha are dispatched to Waseda and students from Waseda are received by Doshisha for a period of one year, with credits earned at one university recognized by the other. Behind this program is a deep history of exchange between the two universities that goes back to their very beginnings, as both share many similarities in their founding philosophies.