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Shinmachi Campus

The campus, built on the former site of the residence of the Konoe family (one of the five biggest court noble families), is now a base for extracurricular activities.

Shinmachi Campus
Keisuikan Building

Keisuikan Building

Student Union (Main building)

Student Union (Main building)

The Faculty of Social Studies and the Faculty of Policy Studies offer programs at the Shinmachi Campus. In addition to classrooms and a gymnasium, this campus has a student union building equipped with club rooms, training facilities and conference rooms, serving as a base for extracurricular activities. On the outside wall of a corridor connecting two classroom buildings, Neesima’s words are inscribed: ‘Shokun-yo, hitohitori-ha taisetsu-nari” (Each and every student must be valued.)

159-1 Konoeden Omote-cho, Imadegawa-agaru, Shinmachi-dori,
Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Access to the Shinmachi Campus

※Please address all inquiries and correspondence to the Imadegawa Campus.
Imadegawa Campus : Karasuma-higashi-iru, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi 602-8580
Telephone : +81-75-251-3120 (Department of Public Relations)

Campus Map

26. Ikushinkan
27. Jinshinkan
28. Rinkokan
29. Keisuikan
30. Student Union (Main Bldg)
31. Shimmachi