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Gakken Toshi Campus (Kaifukan)

Gakken Toshi Campus

The Kyotanabe Campus, opened in 1986 with many state-of-the-art facilities, is located in southern Kyoto, close to the borders of Osaka and Nara. This area is known for its rich heritage, and historical sites are plentiful. At the same time, it also houses a high-tech industrial city, the Kansai Science City.

1-3 Tatara Miyakodani, Kyotanabe-shi, Kyoto-fu 610-0394
Telephone : +81-774-65-7010 (Section for General Affairs, Kyotanabe Campus)
Access to the Kyotanabe Campus

Campus map

Kyotanabe Campus
1. Shinseikan
2. Athletic House 1
3. Athletic House 2
4. Sports Club Headquarters
5. Banjokan Building
6. Davis Memorial Auditorium
7. Keikikan
8. Kokikan
9. Hochikan
10. Shionkan
11. Seishinkan
12. All-Purpose Auditorium
13. Nichiryokan
14. Chishinkan3
15. Kyotanabe Student Union
16. Chishinkan2 Historical Museum
17. Student Health Center
18. Chishinkan1
19. Shigyokan
20. Korinkan
21. Neesima Memorial Auditorium
22. Doshisha Rohm Memorial Hall
23. IT & Media Center
24. Mukokukan
Chishokan (North Building) (Electric/Electronic/Psychology)
Chishokan (South Building) (Engineering/Engineering Training Plant)
29. Kohakukan
30. Learned Memorial Library
31. Shoshinkan
32. Keidokan
33. Sokokan
34. Science Building (Rikagakukan)
35. Hoshinkan
36. Kochikan
37. Yutokukan(East Building)
38. Yutokukan(West Building)
39. Chigenkan
40. Shishinkan
41. Chomeikan
42. Ishinkan
43. Gyoseikan (D-egg)

Gakken Toshi Campus
44. Kaifu-Kan

Glider hangar
Softball Ground
Tennis courts
Volleyball courts
Semi-hard Baseball Ground
Automobile Practice Area
Swimming pool
American Football Ground
Soccer Ground
Climbing center
Dining Hall for Athletic Area
Japanese Archery Ground
Shower stall
Inline skates Ground
Hockey Ground
Baseball Ground
Golf Ground
Firing Range
Archery Ground
Rugby Field
Athletic Field
Riding Ground
Training Plant Annex

Campus map (PDF)

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Doshisha University Kyotanabe Campus[PDF 2.4MB]

Campus map (PNG)

Doshisha University Kyotanabe Campus

Doshisha University Kyotanabe Campus