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COVID-19 Countermeasures at Doshisha University

In order to ensure that our students continue their studies and feel safe and secure on campus even amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the following measures and services are provided at Doshisha University.
We will also continue to further improve our infection prevention measures.

2021,Jun.21 Article added. (Distribution of leaflets on countermeasures against infection of COVID-19)

Preventing infection and spread of infection

The following measures are being taken in order to prevent on-campus infection and spread of infection.

To avoid the Three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close-contact settings)


At least 1m distance is kept in all directions between available seats in each classroom.

Seats that can be used are indicated with a sticker.

Classes are conducted in accordance with the facility operating standards for classrooms and sports facilities.

Classrooms are kept ventilated during class by keeping the doors and windows open at all times, opening them at regular intervals or using the ventilation system.

The Learning Commons sets a limit to the number of users in areas designed for group study.

Seats are reduced in each lounge on campus to keep distance between users.

To prevent droplet infection


Partitions are installed between seats in computer classrooms in order to prevent droplet infection.

Seats in cafeterias on campus are separated by partitions in order to prevent droplet infection.

A plastic sheet for preventing droplet infection is installed over the counter in each office that is accessible by students.

Masks are sold at the mask vending machines installed at each campus, as well as at shops on campus.

To prevent bringing in the virus


Hand sanitizers are equipped at the entrance of each facility on campus.

Door knobs and furniture in each facility are wiped clean at least once a day.

Users of the library and the Learning Commons are required to check their body temperature with a non-contact thermometer upon entering the facility. The library also restricts admission when it is expected to be overcrowded.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering adopts a QR code-based entry log system for students entering its experiment facilities.
Several temperature check spots are set up on each campus to be used for hand sanitization and for checking body temperature.

Support for students

The following support services are available to ensure that students feel safe in their studies and extracurricular activities.

Study environment


Self-study rooms are available for students who wish to study on campus between face-to-face classes.

Students can take online classes by connecting their laptop computers to the wi-fi environment in each self-study room.

Flexible arrangements can be made for students who find it difficult to attend face-to-face classes for reasons such as health concerns (including underlying medical conditions) or living together with elderly family members.

Book mailing service is available at both Imadegawa and Kyotanabe campuses for students who have difficulty coming to the campus to borrow books at the library. (Mailing costs are borne by the university in both directions)

Student life


We have expanded scholarships to ensure that students financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can continue their studies.
For more details, please check “AY2021 scholarships for those affected by the spread of COVID-19” (Japanese only) on our scholarships website.

For extracurricular activities, student clubs and groups are required to submit their own infection prevention measures and activity plans to the Student Support Services Center.

Various services including seminars, guidance sessions and individual consultations are available online at the Career Center using online meeting tools such as Zoom.

The Student Diversity Accessibility Office continues to offer a range of support with appropriate infection prevention measures in place. The office also dispatches support staff to online classes and is training new support staff using online tools.

Raising awareness to prevent spread of infection

Everyone’s cooperation is crucial in our collective efforts to prevent spread of infection. Doshisha University is raising awareness for prevention of spread of infection as follows.

Various types of posters are put up across the campus to raise awareness for prevention of spread of COVID-19 infection.

During lunch time, staff members (mainly of the Organization for Student Support Services) do the rounds across the campus and give advice to students on infection prevention measures as necessary.

The Health Center has released a video to raise awareness of current students. (Click on the image above to play the video (Japanese only))

Leaflets have been prepared and distributed on campus as part of our educational activities to ensure that each and every student can spend their student life safely and with peace of mind while taking measures against infection of COVID-19.
Covid19 Prevention Measures[PDF 4.8MB]

Contact offices concerning COVID-19

Inquiries related to COVID-19 are handled by relevant offices as appropriate. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the respective offices below.
About classes and academic matters
Please contact the office of the faculty/graduate school you belong to.
List of contact details
About scholarships
Please contact the Department of Student Life.
  • Imadegawa Campus: +81-75-251-3280
  • Kyotanabe Campus: +81-774-65-7430
About mental health
Please contact the Counseling Center.
  • Imadegawa Campus: +81-75-251-3275
  • Kyotanabe Campus: +81-774-65-7415