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The Purpose of the Foundation of Doshisha University

At the end of 1874, I returned to Japan, a journey that I had dreamed about for more than ten years. I traveled with one great vision deep in my heart.
Upon returning to my country, I established Doshisha Academy. It was November 29th, 1875, the origin of today’s Doshisha.
The purpose of founding Doshisha Academy was not only to equip students with a general knowledge of the English language, but also to cultivate in students virtue, enhance their integrity, and help them discipline their mind. In other words, we have made every effort to produce individuals who are able to put their conscience into practice. Such education can never be achieved only through intellectual education.

We placed Christianity at the core of the fundamentals of moral education, believing our ideal education can be achieved only by Christian moral teachings, which include devout faith, pursuit of truth and compassion for others.

There is no doubt that universities established by the Government are useful and valuable. However, it is certainly true that private universities also have an important role to play in society.

I believe it is a special characteristic and virtue of a private university that it nurtures independent and self-reliant people by bringing out their individuality.

It is not the power of a few heroes that maintains a nation. Education, knowledge, wisdom, and integrity are central to those who build and run society. We, at Doshisha, aim to produce individuals with such characteristics. It is ingrained in our ethos that our ultimate purpose lies in nurturing the people, who shall be called ‘the conscience of the nation’.

Founder of Doshisha University,
Joseph Hardy Neesima
November, 1888

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