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Consistent Education System

Doshisha Elementary School was opened in April 2006, some 130 years after Doshisha was originally founded in 1875. This opening finally brought to fruition the dream of an integrated educational system “from kindergarten through to university”, a strongly-held ambition of Doshisha's founder Joseph Hardy Neesima.
Under the founding philosophy of “conscience education” and affirming the educational philosophy of “Christianity”, “liberalism” and “internationalism”, Doshisha's integrated educational system adapts to the particular stage of development of each school within the Doshisha to ensure the steadfast deployment of comprehensive education embracing intellect, morality and physical strength. Our aim is to develop people who can live fulfilling lives by their conscience; that is to say people with an autonomous and independent spirit who are humanitarian and have a deep respect for the individual; people of integrity and strong morals, who can show creativity on the international stage.
The Integrated Educational System of the Doshisha
The Integrated Educational System of the Doshisha

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