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Annual Schedule

A year at Doshisha is full of meetings and discoveries.

Various events and programs, such as Doshisha’s traditional events, or programs designed to foster interaction and exchange among students, are offered on and off campus throughout the year.
We hope these diverse opportunities will encourage and support students in their academic development and personal growth.
  • Entrance Ceremony
    (April 1 for undergraduate students; April 2 for Bekka students; and April 3 for graduate students)
    All the entrance ceremonies are held at Davis Memorial Auditorium on the Kyotanabe Campus.
  • Orientation
    During the period between the Entrance Ceremony and the beginning of the Spring Semester, a range of guidance and orientation programs, as well as student club introduction and recruitment, will take place for new students.
  • Course Registration
  • Spring classes begin.
  • Freshers’ Camp
    Freshers’ Camp is a program in which new students stay for two days with senior students, teachers and staff, helping them to make a smooth and productive transition into university life.

  • Doritsusen in Spring (a baseball match between Doshisha University and Ritsumeikan University)
  • Doshisha Spirit Week in Spring
    A variety of lectures and exhibitions take place with the aim of familiarizing students with Doshisha’s founding spirit and Joseph Neesima, as well as enhancing their identity as members of Doshisha.

  • Spring Semester Final Examinations
  • Summer vacation begins.
  • Summer Programs
    Short-term intensive English-language Programs take place during the summer vacation period.
    Students have an opportunity to acquire international awareness through an overseas study and life experience.
  • Hakodate Camp
    A six-day trip to Hakodate, following in the footsteps of Joseph Neesima, organized by the Student Support Services Center

  • Doshisha Spirit Tour -Kumamoto Camp-
    A three-day trip to Kumamoto, visiting places closely connected with the ‘Kumamoto Band’ to explore other areas of Doshisha’s foundation
  • Spring Semester Graduation and Commencement Ceremonies
  • Change of Registered Courses
  • Fall Semester Classes begin.

  • Doritsusen in Fall (a baseball match between Doshisha University and Ritsumeikan University)
  • Doshisha Spirit Week in Fall
  • Doshisha Clover Festival(Sports Festival)
    At the festival, Doshisha’s students, faculty and staff work together with the citizens of Kyotanabe City to create a venue of exchange through various kinds of events, aiming toward the formation of a new collaborative community between the university and the local community.
  • Christmas Illumination Lighting Ceremony (Imadegawa and Kyotanabe Campuses)
    The Christmas lights stay on for about a month.
  • Doshisha EVE
    In celebration of the university’s foundation anniversary, a range of events are held during the days prior to the foundation day (November 29).
  • Doshisha University’s Foundation Day (November 29)

  • Candlelight Service on the Kyotanabe Campus
    A Christmas event where students, teachers and staff, as well as citizens of Kyotanabe City, gather together to share the joy of Christmas, enjoying a hand-bell performance and hymn singing
  • All Doshisha Messiah Concert
  • Winter vacation begins.

  • Fall Semester Final Examinations
  • Incentive Award Presentation Ceremony
  • Spring Programs
  • Fall Semester Graduation and Commencement Ceremonies