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Educational Goals

Educational Goals of Doshisha University

We at Doshisha University aim to nurture individuals who use their knowledge and abilities as conscience dictates, and become dedicated members of society. Christianity, liberalism and internationalism are the three principles of our educational philosophy. Based on these, Doshisha University is committed to pursuing the following educational goals:
Cultivating high morality and rich humanity
Doshisha University aims to help students become individuals of noble character with well-rounded knowledge and a high ethical sense.
Cultivating a self-reliant spirit and an ability to use their initiative
Doshisha University aims to help students develop critical and scientific thinking, thereby identifying and solving problems on their own initiative.
Cultivating a voluntary spirit and action to make a contribution to society throughout a lifetime
Doshisha University aims to instill in students a spirit of quest for the truth and the ability to positively contribute to civil society.
Cultivating foreign language ability and a capacity to be an engaged member of a global society
Doshisha University aims to equip students with advanced foreign language proficiency to prepare them to become active and engaged members of an increasingly global community.
Cultivating a generous and respectful spirit
Doshisha University aims to cultivate individuals who are able to appreciate the diversity of values in a global society and make vital contributions to the peace and stability of the world.