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Social Awareness Support

S-cube Net
The Student Support Services Center is implementing various support initiatives to facilitate students’ independence and enhance their interest in and motivation for social activities. S-cube is one such initiative set up on the Kyotanabe Campus, which serves as a one-stop service center where students can go to find answers to any questions regarding student life. S-cube also offers a variety of events and activities to help provide students with a more vibrant and fulfilling university experience. S-cube’s distinct way of organizing programs involves encouraging students who have already participated in a project to continue to get more involved and take care of new students coming to S-cube, as well as younger students just beginning their university life.

‘Nandemo’ (Anything) Consultation

Please visit the Student Support Services Center if you have a question and don’t know where to turn. The center offers consultation on matters that are important to you, including day-to-day issues regarding student life and academics.

S-cube started a peer mentor system in 2003 for first-year and second-year students who want to receive career advice from fourth-year and graduate students. Peer mentors are counseling staff who provide consultation based on their experiences as upper-year students. They are available for drop-in consultations at the S-cube booth for two hours in the afternoon from Monday through Friday during lecture periods. Please confirm the consultation schedule on the What’s New section of this website or the S-cube Net information journal. We encourage you to visit us if you need any help or advice.

S-cube Net

S-cube Net is an information publication issued every month during lecture periods. It covers various topics promoting students’ personal development, centering around the Kyotanabe Campus events calendar.

S-cube Net (Current Students) (in Japanese)
The latest issue of S-cube Net, as well as back issues, can be viewed here (PDF).

Eco Tour in Shirakawago

Ecotourism is an environmental education program with a focus on nature-based life experiences. The Eco Tour in Shirakawago is a four-day camping program in the rich natural environment of Shirakawago located in northern Gifu Prefecture. This world heritage village is famous for its beautifully structured farmhouses with steep thatched roofs. The aim of this tour is to offer students an opportunity to better understand themselves and others, and to enhance the quality of interpersonal relationships among the group.

Hakodate Camp

Hakodate is the city in Hokkaido from which the founder of Doshisha, Joseph Neesima, embarked for the US in defiance of an overseas travel ban. Hakodate Camp is a six-day overnight program that aims to provide participating students with an opportunity to learn about the life of Neesima, and also to develop self-awareness through interactive activities.

S-cube Seminar

S-cube Seminar includes information-sharing programs with senior students and graduates, and also courses for enhancing skills that lead to self-direction and independence.

Campus Community Formation

A variety of programs are offered for students to enable them to gather and create a supportive community on campus. For example, the Freshers’ Camp offers first-year students an opportunity to think about the significance of university life and also to make friends across faculties through interactive activities with upper year students, teachers and staff. The Peer Advisors Service is available during the initial orientation period in which trained students provide advice to incoming students about academics and campus life. The Peer Mentors Service is available during lecture periods in which fourth-year and graduate students provide career advice in the area of their specialty to younger students.

Empowerment Program

This is a 4-5 day experiential live-in program in which students live under the same roof surrounded in a natural environment away from the city. It is aimed to unlock students’ latent potential through practices such as ‘qigong with trees’, ‘zazen’ (sitting meditation), and spending time at a Zen temple. By training not to think with the head but feel with the body, students will experience the joy and satisfaction of achieving something valuable as a result of their hard effort.


CLAP is a program that offers various workshops utilizing Kambaikan Clover Hall. Drama and music workshops, for example, are organized every semester in which students can perform alongside invited professional musicians and actors. The workshops offer all students - from quiet, shy types to natural performers - a unique experience, as well as a wonderful opportunity to build confidence and nurture new skills. A stage show in front of an audience is held following each workshop.

Assembly Hour

The Assembly Hour provides students with opportunities to widen their musical and cultural interests through lectures, concerts, stage plays, movies and art exhibitions, which take place on the campus. Well-known artists active in their respective field are invited to take part in these events. About 10 events are held every year, which include those designed and produced by students.