Q & A (Student Fees)

Q. When will the payment slip be issued?
A.Two payment slips-one for the Student Fees for one year and the other for the Spring Semester‐will be sent in the middle of April. Students can then choose whether to pay the Student Fees for the entire year or for the Spring Semester only. (Students enrolled in the Professional Degree Program, students admitted in the Fall Semester, and Japanese and International students eligible to receive scholarships will receive only the Spring Semester payment slip). The payment slip for the Fall Semester will be sent in the beginning of October.
Students on a leave of absence will be charged approximately one month after the above due dates. The payment slip will be sent to such students with the payment due date indicated, therefore the Enrollment Fee and Miscellaneous Fees should be paid by the designated due date.

Q. Can I pay the school fees by bank account transfer, ATM, or Internet banking?
A.We do not accept payment by bank account transfer.
We accept payment by ATM or Internet banking only when you have no other options. When making the payment, be sure to enter the 12-digit reference number before the Student Name (shown in katakana) on the Transfer Request Form sent by the university so that we can confirm your identity. For details, please refer to the document attached when you receive the Transfer Request Form.
If identity is not confirmed, it can be assumed that your school fees have not been paid.

Q. Can I pay the Student Fees based on deferred or installment plans?
A.Please apply for deferred or installment plans through the website before the due date for application. For further information, please refer to the Website of Scholarships.

Q. If I become eligible for the installment payment, how much is each installment?
A.One half of the Student Fees is collected in the first and second installment. Among the Other Fees, the Academic Association Fee and the Parent-Teacher Association Fee are collected in the first installment, and the Faculty Graduates Association Fee is collected in the second installment.

Q. What will happen if the payment is not made by the payment due date?
A.You will receive a reminder. If the payment is not made despite the reminder, you will lose your place at the university.

Q.Is the Faculty Graduates Association Fee charged to a student who is on a leave of absence, or to a student repeating a year?
A.The Faculty Graduates Association Fee is collected equally from both current students and those on a leave of absence, as well as those repeating a year, as follows:
For Undergraduate students, in the fourth year, the Alumni Association Fee is collected from all students across faculties, and the Faculty Graduates Association Fee is collected from the students in the Faculties of Law, Economics, Commerce, Science and Engineering, and Psychology.
The Seihokai Fee is collected from the Master’s students in Law in the second year following admission, and from the Doctoral students in law in the third year following admission (except for the students who have completed the undergraduate or graduate program at Doshisha University).
The Soseikai Fee is collected from the Master’s students in Policy and Management in the second year from admission.
The Kambaikai Fee is collected from the Law School students who are in the two-year program in the second year, and those who are in the three-year program in the third year.
DBS Network is collected from students in the Business School in the second year following admission.
When those students were not enrolled in the collection year due to withdrawal, etc., the Faculty Graduates Association Fee is collected with other Student Fees after re-enrollment.

Q. Are the Student Fees collected from parents of the students?
A.For undergraduate students, the payment slip is sent to their parents’ address, while for graduate students, the payment slip is sent to the student’s address. If you wish to change the sending address to that of your own or parents’, please visit the Department of Cashier on the Imadegawa Campus or the Center for Academic Affairs on the Kyotanabe Campus with your Student ID and follow the procedure to change the billing address for Student Fees.

Q. Where should I go to report a change of address due to moving, etc.?
A.Please visit "DUET" system or the office of the faculty or graduate school to which you belong and report a change of address. Note to undergraduate students: Besides reporting your own change of address, also be sure to report any change of address of your parents to ensure the safe arrival of all correspondence.

Q. I lost the payment slip. Can I have it reissued?
A.Please contact the Student Fees Management Center (075-257-8006) to have it reissued.
The payment slip will be sent again to the address registered at the university. It is not possible to send the slip to a different address.

Q. How much are the Student Fees for students repeating a year?
A.The same as the graduation or completion year (for example, the same amount as in the fourth year following admission if you are an undergraduate student).
However, the Faculty Graduates Association Fee is not collected from such students.

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