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Extracurricular Programs

The Student Support Center operates a variety of experience-based programs.
These programs contribute to the personal growth of each individual student.
  • Empowerment & Ecology Tour in Iriomote-jima
  • Hakodate Camp
  • Act Together Program = @ Programs
  • Neesima Memorial Walk
  • Self-Discovery Eco-Tour in Shirakawa-go
  • Freshers' Camp
  • Empowerment Program
  • Self-Discovery Program in Mongolia
These programs seek to promote individual development through contact with cultural forms such as cinema, music, and theater.
  • Assembly Hour
  • Clover Theater
  • CLAP
  • Casual Work for Students: “Hall Art Staff”
  • What's on Thursdays (WOT)
  • Kambaikan Summer Festival
  • flat
    (Flat) Program
First and second year students studying on the Kyotanabe Campus are liable to experience a lack of access to real-life information from their senior colleagues. This project seeks to address this issue by framing the campus as one single community and using the principle of mutual assistance as the basis for a variety of events facilitating interaction with senior students, students from other faculties, international students, faculty members and administrative staff. The project aims to enhance students' sense of affiliation to a shared community and strengthen the level of cross-influence among students themselves, building a campus rich in intellectual stimulus and sensibility, and creating a robust community of students, faculty and staff members.