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[International Conference] The Reality of Women Refugees: Perspective from Africa, Europe and Middle East

Updated Jan. 17, 2018
The Reality of Women Refugees
Perspective from Africa, Europe and Middle East

Global Resorce Management (GRM) holds various events with top leaders,
researches who act in the front lines in the world. 
We welcome 3 guest speakers. Ms. Denise Garcia Bergt from International Women's Space
Berlin, Germany, Ms. Ako Muto and Ms. Chigumi Kawaguchi from JICA, Japan.

The aim of this symposium is to understand the situation of women refugees.

Lectures and discussions are in English.
Open to public (Registration is required for off campus audience)

13:00-13:10 Reception

13:10-13:30 Introduction
Masanori Naito
Professor, Graduate School of Global Studies Doshisha University

13:35-14:35 Presentation / Q&A session I
"Situation of women refugees/immigrants in Germany
Denise Garcia Bergt
Co-founder/Journalist/Political Activist, IWS Berlin

14:45-15:45 Presentation / Q&A session II
"JICA's income improvement project for Palestinian women refugees in Jordan"
Ako Muto
Senior Research Fellow, JICA Research Institute

15:55-16:55 Presentation / Q&A session III
"South Sudanese women refugees in Uganda”
Chigumi Kawaguchi
Research Fellow, JICA Research Institute

17:00-18:00 Discussion
18:00-18:10 Closing Remarks

Chairperson:Hiromi Masaki (Master student, Doshisha University)
Discussant: Asuka Umemoto (PhD student, Doshisha University)
Dr. Iyas Salim (Organization for Advanced Research and Education, Doshisha University)

Advanced Doctoral Program - Global Resource Management (GRM)
Doshisha University’s Global Resource Management Program is one of The Program for Leading Graduate Schools implemented by MEXT of Japan, aimed at providing world-class graduate education.
The goal of the GRM is to produce "global leaders" possessing a tenacious spirit and high ethical standards, who can assist emerging and developing countries, promote human security and inclusive growth, through global resource management, utilizing the knowledge from both the infrastructure science/resource and energy science and global studies. The "global leaders" means not just highly specialized researchers but PhDs who can pull together knowledge from various disciplines to advocate and promote sustainable development and multicultural harmony.
Now, we have approx. 40 students who are diligently engaged in researches and the program coursework.
The recent activities and events of GRM, please visit our webiste

Flyer[PDF 66KB]

Jan. 18, 2018 (Thu.) 13:00 - 18:10
IMADEGAWA (Karasuma Campus)
Shikokan Bldg. SK119
Current Students  Prospective Students  General Public
REGISTRATION is NECESSARY for off campus audience
Please send an email to GRM office with your name and affiliation (grade), titled “Jan.18 GRM International Conference”.
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