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Report: “World Kitchen ~Japanese New Year's Food~” (presented by SIED)

Updated Dec. 28, 2017
On December 16th (Sat.), SIED and the International Exchange Association in Kyotanabe co-hosted “World Kitchen ~Japanese New Year’s Food~” at Kyotanabe Central Resident Center. In this event, the participants from Doshisha and the association members together cooked the traditional New Year’s food in Japan called “osechi” and “ozoni (a type of soup served with various ingredients such as rice cake and vegetable).
Under the instruction of the association members, the participants cooked two types of ozoni (one made with miso and the other with soy sauce) and six menus typically included in osechi such as “daikon namasu (pickled daikon radish)” and “kinton (candied chestnut with mashed sweet potato). While cooking, they also learned the various aspects of the New Year’s food including the auspicious meaning associated with each dish and the regional differences in cooking them.
While some of the international students had never tasted the traditional New Year’s food before, they all enjoyed what they made and a glimpse of early New Year.
Thank you, all the association members, for all of the help in hosting such successful event!
SIED will continue hosting events that you can enjoy in 2018. We hope to see you in our future events, and have a happy new year!

New Year's Food
New Year's Food
New Year's Food
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