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Report:Ewha Womans University Short-term Study Program 2017 – Imadegawa Campus

Updated Jan. 23, 2018
 We welcomed 12 students from Ewha Womans University by a short-term study program named “Self-directed Japanese Language and Culture Program”.
 Ewha Womans University is the first Korean university for women which received government accreditation, and now Korea’s top women’s university. Although each participants’ major in their university varies widely, everyone worked very hard and actively with their high proficiency in Japanese to learn about Japanese (especially Kyoto’s) tradisociety and culture.

 The program included lectures about Japanese culture and festivals given by Doshisha faculty, and also lectures given by two special visiting lecturers which is about society and economics in Kansai area. They could have a valuable learning opportunity through the lectures.
 Also they visited officially approved Doshisha clubs such as Iaido club, Tea ceremony club and Manga club. Thanks to each club’s members, they experienced Japanese cultures, exchanged their opinions, and deepened their understanding to Japanese culture from both traditional and modern side.
 On the day before the program closed, participants gave presentations in a group of 2 or 3 people to wrap up their study in Kyoto. They showed results from their field survey and had Q&A session, which were all given in Japanese.

 We had some volunteer Doshisha students as ‘supporters’ on the program, and the students interacted freely with the participants from the first time with their active commitment. They seemed to inspire each other in many ways.
 The farewell party was held on January 19th and closed the program with lots of laugh and smiles.
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