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Report:Korea University Short-term Study Program 2017 – Imadegawa Campus

Updated Feb. 26, 2018
 We welcomed 22 students from Korea University by a short-term study program named “Global Leadership Program” at Imadegawa Campus.
 Korea University is one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea, and this was our first time to hold the program. Although participants were recruited from students who major other than Japanese language, its competition rate was 1 in 12.
 During the program, they attended intensive Japanese language classes given by Doshisha faculties, experienced Tea ceremony, Aikido lesson and also visited Uji for a field trip. We had some volunteer Doshisha students as ‘supporters’ on the program who joined some of their classes and helped them prepare and practice for their presentations.
 On the last day of the program, participants made presentations with PowerPoint which were all given in Japanese. It looked like they all spoke confidently and almost all of them didn’t even look at their drafts. It seemed they absorbed the Japanese knowledge a lot by a month-long pre-learning in Korea plus three weeks learning at Doshisha University.
 At the farewell party, participants and supporters interacted in Japanese with lots of laugh and smiles, and said goodbye to each other.
 We hope them to grow and deepen their interest to Japanese culture more and study harder after this program.
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