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Report: "World Kitchen ~Rice cooked in local bamboo~" (presented by SIED)

Updated May 15, 2018
On May 13th (Sun.), SIED and the International Exchange Association in Kyotanabe co-hosted “World Kitchen ~Rice cooked in local bamboo~” at Bio Tatara, an old Japanese folk house style cafe. 17 people including international students, local students and the association members joined the event.
Kyotanabe city is famous for bamboo, and May is the best season for bamboo shoot, so we cooked takenoko-gohan, bamboo shoot-rice. We prepared bamboo containers and steamed rice in it. Although participants struggled with controlling the fire, everyone helped each other and enjoyed the cooking. The staff of Bio Tatara also prepared bamboo shoot tempura and miso soup for us, we tasted them with takenoko-gohan. Despite the fact that it was raining on the day of the event, the word “delicious!” from participants made us so happy. We hope that the event will be a good memory for all the participants. After cooking, the staff of the association and Ecomana@Kyotanabe, one of the project groups in Doshisha introduced interesting stories about Japanese and Taiwanese bamboo. We also held a small quiz competition about their story. Some participants got a prize. Before ending the event, the staff of Bio Tatara took us around the Japanese old folk house.
We appreciate all the participants, Bio Tatara and the association staff. Thanks to your help, we were able to organize this event. SIED continues to provide various events for all of you; we look forward to see you soon!
Takenoko gohan
Takenoko gohan
Takenoko gohan
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