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Doshisha Business School

Doshisha Business School (DBS) opened in 2004 following a long tradition of successful Kyoto based global corporations including Omron, Kyocera, Nintendo and Shimadzu. We offer Japanese-language MBA and English-language Global MBA. In 2014, the Global MBA, after successful five years, is transformed into the new Master’s Degree Program, to develop and strengthen its program.

With these high qualities, DBS is more than ever at the forefront of globalization offering the knowledge and experience indispensable for conscientious business leaders of the 21st century.

Located in the cultural heartland of Japan, the people of Kyoto have a long history of rich artistic, architectural, culinary and literary traditions living in harmony with beautiful natural surroundings. Over the years, Kyoto based global corporations have harnessed the best of Japanese tradition with state of the art technology in harmony with nature to bring out the distinctiveness of Kyoto success.

DBS offers students the opportunity to engage with executive managers of these Kyoto based global corporations along with high profile academics of Doshisha. This innovative combination of theory and practice makes DBS the ideal location to expand the horizons of sustainable development and cross-cultural management at the gateway of Asia.
DBS invites you to experience the future of global business management in Kyoto.

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