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Graduate School of Commerce

The Graduate School of Commerce has the faculty members who excel in such fields as management, accounting, finance, commerce, trading, and conducts cutting-edge research on the rapidly changing modern society and phenomena of business management. The Graduate School offers a wide range of subjects, from groups of subjects to acquire expertise systematically, to workshops to conduct case studies utilizing the current situation of the business world as a textbook example, and is flexible enough to increase and restructure subjects depending on the current demands of the society. The Graduate School opens its door for the highly motivated hopefuls, and offers special admission examinations for the third-year undergraduate students to be admitted as a transfer student, and also for working people. The alumni of the Graduate School of Commerce who have acquired a broader vision and perspective are taking an active role in various fields of the society such as an administration executive, a small and medium enterprise management consultant, a certified public accountant (CPA), an investment manager, and a staff of the international organizations. In addition, quite a few of them engage in continuous research activities in the universities and research institutes around Japan.