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Graduate School of Economics

The Graduate School of Economics aims to nurture researchers and those who can serve as policymakers and specialized professionals in society based on the skills of quantitative analysis, mathematical analysis, historical analysis, policy analysis, cultural management, and environmental management.

To respond to drastic social change, we started a new Master's Program from 2013. We introduced the following four distinctive courses into our traditional research fields, "Economic Theory" and "Applied Economics." Each course contains advanced subjects to promote more effective education and research.

Economic Theory

  • Theoretical Analysis Course
  • Political Economy & Economic History Course

Applied Economics

  • Applied Economics Course
  • Creative Economy Course

The Doctoral Program comprises the Course for fostering researcher and theSpecial Course for Adult Students. The former aims to cultivate researchers specializing in economics who can play an active role as faculty members at universities and researchers at research institutes. The latter is designed for those who have accumulated research experience, providing them with guidance in writing their doctoral theses. Overall, the central goals of the Doctoral Program are to provide an opportunity to undertake further research in specialized areas towards obtaining a doctoral degree, and to develop a profound knowledge and research capabilities in the field of economics and related areas through studying a wide range of subjects.

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