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Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering consists of five majors; Information and Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, and Science of Environment and Mathematical Modeling. Each of these majors offers Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. Under the guidance of the faculty members with superior research achievement, students are able to engage in the most-advanced research activities utilizing top-level research facilities, such as one of the largest massively parallel evolution simulators in Japan, anechoic room, Multi-Probe Spherical Near-Field Measurement System, etc. The major characteristic of the Graduate School is the active exchanges with the society and the promotion of internationalization. Along with the implementation of entrusted researches and collaborative projects sponsored by business enterprises, the Cooperative Graduate School System, which the students are able to receive research guidance by the researchers of private companies and public institutions, has been introduced. This enables the students to use the excellent outside research facilities that are difficult to be installed by university itself. As for the exchanges with foreign countries, in addition to the interuniversity partner institutions, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering has exchange programs with foreign institutions famous for science and engineering such as The Group of Ecoles Centrales, France and ESPCI-Paris Tech and the others. Also, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering has a Double Master degree system with Doshisha Business School for MOT (Management of Technology) education. Two master degrees, M.Sc/M.SE and MBA, are given in the three-year course.