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Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law offers master’s and doctoral degrees in three areas of specialization: political science, private law, and public law. The political science specialization includes the fields of the history of political thought, contemporary political process, and international relations. The public law specialization deals with legal systems concerning constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, international law and legal theory. The private law specialization mainly concerns laws relating to civil life and business practices. We are one of the first Japanese universities to introduce a systematic and practical program on corporate legal affairs.
We offer opportunities for students who have a strong interest in international fields, such as diplomacy, international legal affairs, and international business, by providing various programs: dual degree programs with the University of Sheffield (Department of Politics and School of Law), UK, Sungkyunkwan University (Graduate School of Governance), South Korea, and the University of Zurich (Faculty of Law), Switzerland, and also a reciprocal exchange of credits program with the University of Wisconsin (Madison Law School), USA.
Our 1,600 alumni are active in various fields, such as the academic community, the legal community, journalism, local and national government, international organizations, and business in Japan and elsewhere.

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