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Doshisha Law School

Doshisha Law School was opened in April 2004. It is a special type of graduate professional school. Distinct from Doshisha’s Faculty of Law, its mandate is to train future judges, prosecutors, lawyers and other legal professionals. It offers a curriculum that is both strong in the basic subjects essential to success on the national bar exam and rich in elective courses. While Japanese law is the focus of a majority of the courses, students are also required to learn about international law or foreign and comparative law as part of their graduation requirements. The law school program is rigorous, featuring lectures, small group seminars and active participation by students in classroom discussions. The teaching staff includes renowned scholars as well as persons with experience as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and professors who have taught in foreign law schools and trained abroad. For the 2014 academic year, 47 students were newly admitted to the law school. Of these, 36 students who demonstrated an adequate undergraduate-level knowledge of law entered a two year program, with another 11 being admitted to a three year program that assumes no knowledge of law at all, and is intended to make the legal profession accessible to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

From the 2014 academic year Doshisha Law School has also offered a special admissions process for non-Japanese students to encourage foreign students in Japan to apply. However, regulations require that all law school applicants take the nationwide law school aptitude exam and submit the results as part of the admissions process. This exam (held in May each year), together with most components of the Doshisha law program as well as the national bar exam are conducted exclusively in Japanese. Foreign applicants would thus need to have the ability to speak, read and write Japanese at a graduate-school level.

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