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Graduate School of Policy and Management

While modern society has greatly benefited from the impressive progress of science and technology, it is also facing grave threats from new problems such as environment degradation. Due to these factors, the policy issues have become multifaceted and complex, requiring innovative approaches to finding appropriate solutions.

The Graduate School of Policy and Management aspires to synthesize multiple disciplines to tackle the emerging policy concerns, and to establish a new interdisciplinary branch of knowledge in the area of policy analysis and implementation. One of the unique characteristics of the Graduate School is that it offers to the students various opportunities for developing human networks.

In addition to Doshisha University’s full-time faculty, its teaching staff includes local government officials, professionals with reputable business experience, and leaders of nongovernment organizations, who are actively involved in actual policy making.

The Graduate School consists of two departments: Department of Policy and Management (DPM) and Department of Technology and Innovative Management (DTIM). In DPM, there are two courses: Policy Studies Course and Social Innovation Course. DTIM has an independent five-year doctoral degree program. Both departments are designed to develop problem-solving capabilities in students, so that they may assume leadership roles in various organizations such as central and local governments, policy think-tanks and business enterprises.

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