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Graduate School of Psychology

The mission of the Graduate School of Psychology at Doshisha University is to promote integrated learning of advanced knowledge and skills in psychology research and practice. The school offers well-balanced programs both in fundamental and clinical domains, with an emphasis on an empirical understanding of mind and behavior.

The Psychology Course is dedicated to training of researchers in both academic and applied areas. The Clinical Psychology Course seeks to produce mental health professionals based on a scientist-practitioner training model. One of the distinguishing features of the school is that it pursues its courses of education and research in close collaboration. We encourage students to appreciate training in scientific research as a prerequisite for practice in applied settings, and real life issues as manifestation of the laws of the mind.

In both courses we strive to produce skillful, human resources that can contribute to the development of healthy minds, predict and prevent the problems of modern life, and aid in carrying out solutions to complex problems. Students that complete the graduate degree programs can be expected to have a broad range of opportunities for productive careers in diverse fields such as education, the judicial system, public administration, health care, and industry.

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