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Graduate School of Social Studies

Globalization and information literacy, regional conflicts and terrorism, labour alienation and unemployment, low birth-rate, the ageing population and the changing family system, changes in education and personality development for the next generation... these changes in society have a fundamental influence on human beings and their way of life. Social Studies, at the graduate level, attempts to comprehensively investigate these social changes and to systematically understand the restructuring of the complex framework of society. The ultimate goal for students is to acquire methodological skills for examining issues from a professional as well as an humanistic perspective in areas such as: relationships between individuals and society; welfare problems; interpersonal relationship in the work environment; cultural and educational issues in personality development; mass media as a reflection of society.
With the five majors of Social Welfare, Media Studies, Education, Sociology and Industrial Relations, the Graduate School of Social Studies serves as the University headquarters for humanistic studies of social sciences. Graduates of the school are expected to be competent in utilising rigorous methodology in order to comprehensively investigate the nature of various social changes in their field of expertise. Our graduates will, therefore, be able to play a leading role in society with their highly specialized knowledge and international perspectives.