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Faculty of Commerce (Outline)

Faculty of Commerce
The Faculty of Commerce aims to produce graduates who have acquired: basic knowledge of industrial and economic issues and activities; the ability to analyze issues associated with enterprise and industry; and effective problem solving and decision-making skills. We seek to achieve these aims by providing systematic educational policy on our areas of expertise including commerce, finance, business administration, accounting, and economics. Students are to take foundational classes in basic subjects in their first year and advanced classes in core subjects starting in their second year. In the spring term of their third year, students can select two core-subject clusters from a choice of five, depending on their individual educational goals. From that point forward, they strive to improve their specialist knowledge through the organized study of a broad variety of subjects (including subjects outside their chosen clusters) albeit with emphasis on their chosen clusters. In addition, new subjects with fresh content are introduced from time to time in response to changing trends and expectations. Special features of the faculty are: classes offering firsthand experience on the forefronts of the business scene; an emphasis on the ‘first-year experience’ that stimulates the desire to learn; support for students seeking careers as business professionals.