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Faculty of Science and Engineering (Outline)

Faculty of Science and Engineering
To meet societal needs, the Faculty of Science and Engineering provides “education of conscience,” in accord with our basic philosophy of “using science and technology to benefit the people.”

We believe that a high standard of ethics and a strong sense of humanity are essential for correctly grasping the problems that confront society today, and for responding appropriately to technological advances and changing needs. The Faculty offers a broad variety of subjects in natural and human sciences and other fields, in addition to specialized subjects. Our curriculum is designed to encourage student individuality and impart a multilateral perspective.

Another major focus of our curriculum is to strengthen students’ academic foundations. We provide small classes to ensure that, while developing individual character and basic competences, students acquire a deep interest in monozukuri, the “art” in making things, enabling them to more effectively use their learning for the good of society.
For its part, the Faculty has in place world-class laboratory facilities and equipment, and collaborates extensively with private enterprises and other universities. By imparting education that cultivates a deep sense of ethics, and by promoting world-leading research activities, the Faculty seeks to foster engineers with interdisciplinary and global perspectives, who can serve in the international arena.