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Faculty of Global Communications (Outline)

Faculty of Global Communications
With a good knowledge of strategies acquired in the Faculty of Global Communications, graduates are expected to become successful negotiators and administrators in organizations involved in international business, education and culture. Choosing from one of the three programs of study: English, Chinese or Japanese, students will learn complex language skills which are critical for international success. Moreover, they will gain an awareness of how to adapt, and succeed in the many aspects of the rapidly changing world.

All the students of the English and Chinese Courses will participate in a one-year Study Abroad program. Through this experience, students will gain an in-depth understanding of foreign cultures, and increase their chances to contribute to the global society in a meaningful way.

Our Japanese degree course aims at providing students from abroad with a deep grasp of Japanese culture. Moreover, students will be able to navigate not only the academic world for further study but also the business world for a successful career. Through the Seminar on Japanese Society, and through a program of cultural-immersion experiences, communication skills will be honed and cultural understanding will be broadened.

The culmination of the 4-year program in the Faculty of Global Communications is the Seminar Project. Students will take the initiative in proposing, planning, and administering original projects such as an international conference or a major cultural event. Through the management of such a project, students will “learn by doing” which is the best preparation for working in the global environment.

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