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Faculty of Global and Regional Studies (Outline)

Faculty of Global and Regional Studies
In recent years in the media, the phrase “it is necessary to think from a global perspective” has come to inform our experience. Most global problems arise from regional problems such as conflicts between cultures, races, or economies. Consequently, in order that we accurately grasp global problems, it is indispensable that we deeply understand the issues and cultures concerning local regions.

The “Faculty of Global and Regional Studies” is concerned with the interdisciplinary intellectual foundation of local cultures, histories, and societies. From a global perspective, it carries out research on a variety of problems confronting contemporary society. The students of the faculty, belonging to one of the three courses, Europe, Asia-Pacific, or Americas, make use of the various languages used in these regions, analyze problems by themselves, and think about ways to resolve them. While these three regional divisions have their own distinctive characteristics in the formation of their cultures and societies, they continue to exert influence on one another in their development. Through four years of study and research from a global perspective, students acquire the ability to be active within the international community.

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