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Faculty of Law (Outline)

Faculty of Law
The goal of the Faculty of Law is to equip students with the ability to identify problems in various social spheres and provide adequate solutions based on the concept of the “legal mind” essential to solving problems with sound judgment and a sense of fairness. The Faculty’s education provides students with a broad-ranging and highly relevant qualification that will prove invaluable for professional careers in many different fields.

The Faculty consists of the Department of Law and the Department of Political Science. The main characteristic of the curriculum of the Department of Law is the “step-up system,” in which students take introductory subjects, basic subjects, and advanced subjects, step by step. The advanced subjects cluster offers a choice of four models, enabling students to acquire specialized knowledge according to their individual interests and career options.

The curriculum of the Department of Political Science is also based on the “step-up system.” Students have a choice of three core-course advanced subject areas: International Relations, Modern Political Science, History and Thought. By choosing one of the three subject areas, students can assimilate advanced specialist knowledge in step with their own personal interests and with their future careers in mind.

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