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Faculty of Letters (Outline)

Faculty of Letters
Society is ever-changing, but human nature isn’t. With the reasonable understanding of human nature, one can live confidently even if society changes unexpectedly. The Faculty of Letters appreciate language, literature, philosophy, history, art, and culture in order to explore the essence of human activities in variable situations.

The Faculty of Letters consists of five departments: English, Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Theory, Cultural History, and Japanese Literature. All the departments share the one educational purpose: to encourage students to seek the meaning and values of humanities by themselves. Each of the five departments, with its own well-established academic discipline, seeks the answers both in theory and practice to one common fundamental question—“What does it mean to be human now?”

The philosophy of Joseph Hardy Neesima, who said that every single person should be equally respected, is still alive in interactive classes at the Faculty of Letters. Small-sized seminars, which usually consist of ten to twenty students, generously offer opportunites to exchange ideas and opinions actively and promote mutual understandings among students and teachers.

In addition to their major courses, students can attend classes of different departments by registering in the Minor Degree Program. The program is available to all the students of the Faculty of Letters who hope to expand their academic interests by opening the door to a new intellectual field that is to be cultivated by their own fresh discoveries.