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Faculty of Policy Studies (Outline)

Faculty of Policy Studies
The Faculty of Policy Studies seeks to foster resourceful and ambitious students who are capable of resolving local as well as global issues. Such talents with diverse perspectives are in high demand throughout all domains of our society.

Inter-Disciplinary Studies in Social Science and Problem-Solving Exercises

Our program provides theoretical backbone and analytical practice through a wide range of lectures and classes, which consolidate economics, law, organizational theory, and politics and public administration. The students are expected to broaden their perspectives starting from introductory courses to further specialized subjects. Our small-scale classes, starting in the first year, provide opportunity to practice debates and problem-solving exercises, thereby focusing on some social issues.

To Be an Intelligent Decision-Maker in Private and Public Sectors

It is the skills they can develop throughout our program – providing solutions to problems with balanced points of view – that help students play a leading role in such areas as business, journalism, NPO/NGOs, politics and public administration. The Faculty of Policy Studies will be the perfect choice for those who are willing to expand their fields of interests, acquire practical skills in analyzing social issues, and contribute to solving various problems in our society.

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