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Faculty of Psychology (Outline)

Faculty of Psychology
The Faculty of Psychology at Doshisha University provides a systematic education of specialized knowledge and skills in psychology. The emphasis has been placed on empirical approach to the understanding of mind and behavior. In addition to the lecture courses, practice in psychological assessments, statistical analysis, and fundamental and advanced experiments are also required for all students. The Faculty of Psychology offers three courses: the Neuropsychology and Behavioral Psychology Course, the Clinical and Social Psychology Course, and the Developmental and Educational Psychology Course, providing students with a broad range of expertise that cut across these traditional areas of psychology.

Education in Small-Size Classes

Classes are set up, so all undergraduates, from first-year students to fourth-year students, study in small-size classes. This ensures that each student receives extensive attention and support in following an individualized curriculum.

Project-Based Education

Project-based seminars are offered to second-year students. These seminars provide training in developing strategies for applying scientific knowledge to real life issues.

Advanced Training

Advanced classes providing practical training in a wide variety of research methods in psychology are offered to third-year students, enabling them to acquire specialized skills and an integrated understanding of psychological, biological, and social sciences.

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