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Faculty of Social Studies (Outline)

Faculty of Social Studies
Social Studies is concerned with how our everyday life is affected by our environment and the ties we create with it. The Faculty of Social Studies encourages students to pursue issues related to contemporary society and to foster an understanding of the processes that shape social networks, communities and institutions in an increasingly globalized world. Social Studies cover the whole range of human behaviour ranging from regional conflicts, labour alienation and unemployment to changing notions of the family, the aging society and the welfare state. The Faculty is broad-based and offers majors in five areas: Sociology, Social Welfare, Media, Journalism and Communications, Industrial Relations, Education and Culture. A course in Social Studies will enable students to use a broad range of analytical tools and to think critically about contemporary social problems in a stimulating setting. We place emphasis on instruction in small groups and personal guidance by both Faculty members and student tutors. Both theoretical training and practical experience are creatively combined to create a holistic learning experience. Whether in fieldwork, social surveys or quantitative analysis, our graduates will acquire the skills to conduct successful inquiries into the nature of society from a humanistic point of view.