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Important Notice on Handling Personal Information

July 2014
To all faculty and staff
Yoshiaki Watanabe
Personal Information Protection Committee

Regarding the handling of personal information at Doshisha University

Under the recognition that the protection of personal information is a university’s social responsibility, Doshisha University (hereinafter referred to as ‘the University’) is committed to ensuring that any personal or confidential information regarding students, teachers and staff held by the University is strictly managed in accordance with the Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information issued by the Doshisha, and other relevant regulations and rules.

With the rapid spread of the Internet, the appropriate management of information is increasingly required by society. The University acknowledges the protection of personal information as a critical step in respecting fundamental human rights, as well as in implementing education and research activities at the University. We will continue to make every effort in information security and privacy protection through the proper and effective management and use of personal information in compliance with laws and regulations.

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