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Special Collection

Cary Collection: Approximately 1,100 volumes

This collection was donated to Doshisha in 1974 by Otis Cary (1921 – 2006), a former professor of the university. Collected by his grandfather, Dr. Otis Cary, and father, Dr. Frank Cary, the collection is made up of documents written in European languages, including a number of rare books. The documents are related primarily to studies about Japan by foreigners as well as a history of Christian missions. Representative works in this collection include the three-volume set of Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan…Commodore M. C. Perry… edited by Francis L. Hawks, and three newsmagazines published in the early Meiji Period. The three newsmagazines are The Far East, edited by J. R. Black; The Phoenix: A Monthly Magazine for India, Burma, Siam, China, Japan & Eastern Asia, edited by James Summers; and The Chrysanthemum: A Monthly Magazine for Japan and the Far East.

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Francis King Collection

Francis Henry King (1923 - ) is a leading author of contemporary British literature. He is the noted author of The Dividing Stream, a novel published in 1951 and winner of the W. Somerset Maugham Prize. King is also recognized as a gifted poet, releasing his first work of poetry, Rod of Incantation, in 1952.
The Francis King Collection at Doshisha University comprises more than 200 items, which consist primarily of his own works, letters, drafts, and book reviews. All are on display on the library shelves. They were donated to the university through the Francis King Society of Japan by Francis King himself, who had great affection for Doshisha.

Kumahiko Takebayashi Collection: Approx. 600 volumes, 3,034 written records

In 1961, books and written records owned by Kumahiko Takebayashi (1888 – 1960), who researched the history of Japanese modern libraries, were donated to Doshisha according to his wishes. The collection comprises approximately 600 books owned by Takebayashi and a total of 3,034 written records collected by him. The written records comprise 1,695 Takebayashi documents, primarily drafts and manuscripts written by Takebayashi himself. In addition, there are 1,339 documents by Inagi Tanaka, the former Imperial Library’s first chief librarian and the Japan Library Association’s ( old name: the Nippon Bunko Kyokai ) first president, as well as the subject of research by Takebayashi. Among the documents included in the Kumahiko Takebayashi Collection are “Historical Research Records of Libraries During the Meiji Period,” written by Takebayashi; drafts and memos with ideas related to “Discussions on the Building of the Imperial Library”; and a manuscript of the Imperial Library’s “Speech for the Inauguration,” written by Tanaka.

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Nakano Music Score Collection: Approx. 9,200 mandolin scores, 9,500 guitar scores, and related magazines and books

This is a collection of mandolin and guitar music scores collected by musician Jiro Nakano (1902 – 2000). It was donated to the university by Nakano in 1985. In terms of quality and size, it is one of the finest collections in the world. The collection contains sheet music of several hundred composers from the early 19th century to the present, including Matteo Carcassi, the founder of modern guitar, and Fernando Sor, as well as rare and valuable music scores, such as a first edition of a score by Mauro Giuliani.

The libraries also have other distinctive and valuable special collections.