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MEXT ‘21st Century COE Program’

Doshisha University’s two research projects were selected for the MEXT 21st Century COE Program.

In 2003, Doshisha University’s projects for establishing a world-class center of education and research entitled, ‘Comprehensive Research for engineering, corporations, and international competition’ and ‘Interdisciplinary research for monotheism’, were selected for the MEXT 21st Century COE Program.
In designing these projects, Doshisha University is committed to implementing the following initiatives in order to ensure the university’s international competitiveness and to promote world-level education and research.
・Gathering excellent researchers from all over the world,
・Transmitting the research results effectively,
・Producing young, competent, newly-qualified researchers ready to embark on
their chosen career paths, and
・Creating an educational program in collaboration with other graduate schools,
universities and research institutes around the world to reflect the research
results in the education policy for graduate schools.

Both projects are unique and the first of their kind. They aim to conduct new research by bringing together existing world knowledge, and at the same time to nurture young researchers with the skills and abilities required to ensure the future success of the research field. Doshisha University is implementing these well-deserved projects with a specific deadline.

For further information, please visitOrganization for Research Initiatives and Development (in Japanese)

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