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Degree and Credit

Good Practice University Educational Support Program

Academic Exchange and Double Degree System Between Doshisha University Graduate School of Science and Engineering and Écoles Centrales

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology's program to provide subsidies for reforming university education is an enterprise that promotes greater vitality in higher education by soliciting and selecting exceptional efforts to reform university education. Promoting large-scale educational reform, Doshisha seeks the ideal for a university that meets twenty-first-century needs.

Here are Doshisha's projects adopted in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology's project to provide subsidies for reforming university education.

List of Programs Adopted for the 2008 Academic Year (To be updated as needed)

Name of ProgramAdopted Theme
Program for Promoting High-Quality University Education
  • Curriculum for developing creative academic abilities through mutual inspiration
  • Educational exchange of theories and practice to develop abilities to formulate policies
  • Fostering of problem-solving abilities through education that merges humanities with science
Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education
  • Safe and reliable design mechanical system engineer training program
Program to Accelerate Internationalization of University Education (Joint, collaborative international support)
  • University-wide assurance of quality of foreign language education and promotion of international exchange

List of Previously Adopted Programs

Name of ProgramAdopted ThemeAcademic Year Adopted
Support Program for Distinctive University Education
  • First-year education program aiming to continuously support students' learning skills and motivation as well as maintaining a good relationship between students and teachers
Academic Year
Support Program for Contemporary Educational Needs
  • Heuristic career education program driven by action plans
Academic Year
Education Promotion Program Responding to Working Adults’ Needs for Re-learning
  • Re-challenge support education program in the field of social innovation
Academic Year
Student Support Program to Respond to New Social Needs
  • Measures to support students by local communities
Academic Year
Program for Promoting Education at Professional Graduate Schools
(Support Program for Promoting Formation of Professional Graduate Schools Such as Law Schools)
  • Nationwide support platform for students aiming for a legal career
    * Joint effort by thirteen universities. Application filed by Meiji University
Academic Year
Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education
  • Open field education in collaboration with research centers
  • International Theory and Practice Cycle-Oriented Education System
  • Course for nurturing electric and communication infrastructure researchers and engineers
Academic Year