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Serving as a center for exchanges as well as health and wellness promotion for the people of Doshisha and the wider community

Keishikan, which means ‘inheriting the aspirations of the founder, Joseph Neesima’, is a new learning center of Doshisha University. The building was a sports and culture facility with hotel accommodation, named Regina Kyoto, up until its closure in 2009.
Keishikan aims to serve as a venue to facilitate exchanges among students, teachers and staff of Doshisha University as well as the local community. Its swimming pool and sports gym are open for public use to promote the health of local residents.

345 Tokudaijidono-cho, Shinmachi Imadegawa-sagaru, Kamigyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi 602-0932
Telephone : +81-75-251-3290
Direct phone number to the indoor swimming pool : +81-75-251-3293
Access to Keishikan

※Please address all inquiries and correspondence to the Imadegawa Campus.
Imadegawa Campus : Karasuma-higashi-iru, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi 602-8580
Telephone : +81-75-251-3120 (Department of Public Relations)

Campus Map

36. Keishikan

For further information, please visitDoshisha Enterprise (in Japanese)

Doshisha Enterprise is a company funded completely by The Doshisha. It supports education and research at Doshisha University, as well as the university’s community service and social action programs, in partnership with The Doshisha.