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Gakken Toshi Campus

Kaifu-Kan Building
Gakken Toshi Campus

The Gakken Toshi Campus was opened as the newest addition to Doshisha University in Kizu Town, where the Kansai Science City is located, on the November 4th, 2006. This new campus, with a land area of 50,000 m², is expected to serve as one of the new research bases in the life science and medical engineering fields. The main building of the campus is “Kaifu-kan,” the research facility for science and technology. The basic facilities installed in Kaifu-kan were chosen with an emphasis on adaptability to various research projects.


4-1-1 Kizugawadai, Kizugawashi, Kyoto-fu 619-0225
Telephone : +81-774-65-6040

Access to the Gakken Toshi Campus

Campus Map

Gakken Toshi Campus
  1. Kaifu-Kan