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About Center for Global Education and Japanese Studies

Message from the Dean

In Kyoto, Learn Japan and a Global World

Dean of the Center for Global Education and Japanese Studies
Professor KANATSU Kazumi


Launched in April 2024, the Center for Global Education and Japanese Studies offers two modules allowing international students and domestic undergraduate / graduate students to study together, thus fostering reciprocal understanding of Japan in a global context: the Global Education Module (GEM) and the Japanese Language and Culture Module (Nichibun). 

The Global Education Module (GEM) is designed to provide in-depth learning opportunities in a wide range of academic fields, ranging from the humanities and social sciences to natural and human sciences, with all assignments and discussions conducted solely in English. By studying together in small classes, students from diverse backgrounds learn interactively with each other through group work and discussion, and benefit from the diversity of perspectives presented and shared in the classroom.

GEM courses are taught in English at a level consistent with a TOEFL score of approximately 500 points, but are open to students who may not have earned this score and yet are willing to challenge themselves to complete the requirements of the class.

The Japanese Language and Culture Module (Nichibun) offers the most well-developed Japanese language education curriculum in Japan. This module aims at providing international students with Japanese language and culture courses to improve their Japanese language proficiency and to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture. Moreover, some of these courses are designed for both domestic and international students to study together with the aim of promoting Japanese culture overseas and facilitating international mutual understanding.

These students come from the partner universities we have exchange agreements with. International students who aims at obtaining a degree at Doshisha University as well as the students of the AKP (Associated Kyoto Program) Center, the University of Tübingen Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto, the SJC (Stanford Japan Center), and the KCJS (Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies) are also studying hard in their respective programs at the Center for Global Education and Japanese Studies.

In keeping with Doshisha’s founding mission of promoting internationalism and cultivating students with a full awareness of their social responsibilities to the world beyond the nation’s borders, our Center aims to foster these essential values among our students. We nurture their intelligence and ability according to the dictates of their conscience, reinforcing the university’s core purpose. We hope that our many motivated students will all enjoy a rich and rewarding year of study at Doshisha.

Contact & Access

Office of the Center for Global Education and Japanese Studies

Office Hours

9:00 - 11:30 / 12:30 - 17:00 (Monday - Friday)
(Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and holidays which University has designated will be closed.)

5th floor, Kofukan, Doshisha University, Karasuma-Higashi-iru, Imadegawa-dori Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8580
Tel: 075-251-3240 (In Japan)   +81-75-251-3240 (From Abroad)

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