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Initiatives to Promote Internationalization

Establishment of a Working Group to Provide Campus Documents in English

Having been selected for the Japanese government’s Global 30 project for ‘establishing core universities for internationalization’, Doshisha University is further advancing the internationalization of its university education with the establishment of degree courses offered in English together with a variety of other study programs for international students. Accordingly there is an increased need for the entire campus to respond to and support international students.
As a higher education institution operating in today’s globalized society, exchanges and communication with overseas organizations have become more frequent. Under such circumstances, it is essential that all offices and departments which make up the university compile and share information and documents in English. A working group has been set up to provide documentation in English of existing information contained within the university. Sharing information in English provided by each department will also improve the quality and efficiency in administrative and clerical services. Information regarding the acceptance of international students and researchers is also shared if necessary.

Purpose of Establishment
To build a cooperative relationship (e.g. by creating a mailing list and a list of contact persons) among departments, sections and those in charge of English documentation within the university
To recognize and share the issues faced by English documentation staff
To organize documents for shared use (with the construction of a database), and make the template available to faculty and staff
To provide guidelines for English documentation
To plan English documentation of existing campus documents
To provide information to the related units on the following:
  • Resident status
  • Invitation of overseas researchers
  • Guidelines on entrance examinations for international students
  • Double-degree programs

Frequency of the Meeting
Scheduled to be held once a month

Organizations in charge
Organization for Promotion of International Cooperation:
Office of International Center (International Center), Center for Japanese
Language and Culture, Office of International Students, Institute for the
Liberal Arts, Internationalization Promotion Office