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EU Campus activities

The Third International Interdisciplinary Symposium _Challenges toward Building Societies Filled with Respect for “Diversity” _organized by Doshisha University and University of Tübingen

The symposium was held at Doshisha University from February 25th to 27th with the theme, Challenges toward Building Societies Filled with Respect for “Diversity.” Researchers from both universities presented their paper and deepened discussion from perspectives such as diversity of physical and/or mental features, biodiversity, gender/sexual diversity, religious/ethnic diversity, and diversity in philosophy and expression.
On the last day, Round Table session was conducted by a chair and 5 panels from different research background to the question, How can Universities contribute to Society in which “Human Dignity” of All Is Respected? As the responses to the question, a unique educational example in Japan and Germany was introduced, effective measures against stereotype and discrimination was discussed, and the possibility to apply those advanced practices to different regions was considered.
Doshisha University and University of Tübingen will go with their strength and promote further exchanges in education and research field.

For further information, please find the program posted below.
poster.pdf[PDF 363KB]
Opening address by Vice President Ryuichi Yokogawa

Opening address by Vice President Ryuichi Yokogawa

Doshisha Week 2019 successfully ended

From November 25th to November 29 2019, “DOSHISHA WEEK: 2019 Advance Creativity and Collaboration in Research” was held at University of Tübingen(UT) for the first time. There were three symposia during this event.

On November 25th, two researchers and one graduate student from Doshisha Space-DREAM Project and one researcher from UT gave their presentations entitled “Doshisha Space-DREAM project: A Great Contribution to Maintaining Human Health Both in Space and on Earth”.

From November 26th to 29th, more than 20 law researchers of DU, UT, other universities around the world, and private organizations gave presentations entitled “Modernity’s Challenges to Law and Dispute Resolution”.

On November 29th, two researchers of Doshisha University Center for Baby Science, three researchers of UT and one researcher of other university gave presentations entitled “Baby Science: Past, Present, and Future”.

Active discussions lasted after the presentations. Attendees also deepened engagement at the receptions that were held at each night.

DU and UT are expected to collaborate and corporate further to enhance research exchange.

Presentaions of Doshisha Space-DREAM Project

Doshisha Week 2019

Doshisha Week will be firstly co-hosted by University of Tubingen (UT) and Doshisha University (DU) from November 25th to 29th at UT, Germany. The initiative has been started for both Universities to promote the further collaboration in their research fields in connection with the establishment of Doshisha EU Campus at University of Tubingen. Doshisha Week consists of three topics: “Doshisha Space-DREAM Project”, “Modernity’s Challenges to Law and Dispute Resolution” and “Baby Science,” for which a lot of researchers from both Universities and other Universities / institutions in Europe and East Asia will give a research talk. For further information, please find the program brochure posted below.
Program.pdf[PDF 1.7MB]
You can also check the online news at the website of University of Tübingen here:
University branch offices and research stations abroad

2019 EU campus program has successfully ended

 EU campus program (German language and culture program), the first program for Doshisha students at EU campus, was implemented from April 11th to August 11th, 2019. There were 10 participants from School of Theology, Faculty of Letters, Commerce, Psychology, Health and Sports Science and Global and Regional Studies. Academic staff of University of Tübingen (UT) conducted classes of German language including off-campus activities as field trips and primary school visiting and Intercultural Studies where 9 students from Japanese Studies Department of UT studied together with the Japanese students, and Doshisha professors also conducted a seminar at EU campus called EU campus special seminars. Throughout these courses, the students could learn intensively about German language and culture as well as widely EU studies.
 Other than the courses, there were a lot of opportunities for them to be absorbed in German language, culture and life thorough interacting with the tutors and students of UT. For example, Language Tutorial was taken twice a week where students had a lecture about history of Easter, went to local farmer’s market and cooked one of the most popular local food- Brezel. As a Buddy program, Japanese students and German students became a pair for regularly meeting and having language and culture exchange each other.
 Additionally, farewell party was held at the end of the program prepared and organized by the Japanese students. Inviting the persons involved to EU campus program at UT, the students hosted and entertained them with Japanese food and intercultural games they were also received certificate and token from UT staff and students. The program seems to be very meaningful not only for the participants but also for development of the partnership for two universities.
 We are sincerely grateful for UT faculty staff and students who has been involved in, engaged in and cooperated to EU campus program 2019.

You can check the article written by the students in Japanese and German on Facebook of Doshisha International Center with the following URL
: https://www.facebook.com/DoshishaU.IC/
(Updated date: April 25, May 3, 12, 18, June 1, 14, 22, July 5, 19, August 2)

Symposium for EU Campus

On February 27th and 28th 2019, we held the symposium “Challenging for Aging Societies: Interdisciplinary Approaches in Comparative Japanese, German and European Perspectives” at University of Tübingen ,which was followed by the symposium at Doshsiha University in February 23rd 2018. There were 9 researchers from University of Tübingen and 4 researchers from Doshisha University from variety of fields such as Medicine, Brain Science, Clinical Psychology, Molecular Biology, Social Science, Social Welfare, Community Hygiene and History gave research presentations on the theme of “aging society.”
After the symposium, Memorandum of Understanding on the Establishment of Doshisha EU Campus at Tübingen University was concluded under the name of the president of the University of Tübingen and Doshisha University. EU campus is expected to serve as a hub where both universities will enhance linkage and cooperation for education and research.

Article on the webpage of University of Tübingen


Photo: University of Tübingen / Verena Müller

Signing ceremony related to the new Agreement for the Exchange of Faculty

President Takashi Matsuoka and Executive Dean of Organization for the Promotion of Global Cooperation, Prof. Yuejun Zheng visited the University of Tübingen from October 21 to October 26. They held a discussion with representatives of the University of Tübingen, including President Bernd Engler , Vice President Monique Scheer , and many others. In conclusion, they signed The Agreement for the Exchange of Faculty which will begin from the academic year 2019. A promotion of further academic exchanges between both universities is expected due to faculty exchanges from the academic year 2019.

Anniversary Symposium for EU Campus

Anniversary Symposium for EU Campus was held at Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus on February 23, 2018. The symposium began with a speech by Dr. Werner Köhler , the consul general of the German Consulate General in Osaka-Kobe. Then we had a keynote speech from Vice President Monique Scheer of the University of Tübingen followed by a speech from Director Michael Wachutka of Tübingen University Center for Japanese Studies. In conclusion various viewpoints were given by our faculties on the theme such as EU, Germany, and Japan. We had many participants that day and expressed a variety of opinions on possibility of future cooperation between the University of Tübingen and the Doshisha University.
20180223EU_symposium.pdf[PDF 1.2MB]